A brief hiatus

Where have I been?

    To be honest, I haven't really been gone or anything, I've just been unmotivated to make posts, but I've accumulated some more programming accomplishments as of recent that I will make posts about shortly.

    As for my past year, I taught sailing for six weeks, just after my last post. In that time, I didn't program much, so I hadn't posted anything. Otherwise, I got a nice tan, and sunbleached hair. This overdue post is actually so late that I'm in a different season of teaching sailing, currently on week four.


    Oh yeah, college happened too, and that will keep happening for another four years. College stuff distracted me from working on projects, but it was a fair tradeoff as I found my first year of college very fun. I learned much more there than anywhere. I'm not talking stuff related to my college coursework, but instead random bits of information I've gathered from new friends, and I've reached into a new social life that I didn't have before. Of course I've still learned stuff from my coursework, but most of it was learned by discovery in one of the labs on campus. I spent a lot of time making various circuits with friends.

    I made a driver for a 5W blue laser diode I bought off eBay for cheap, Messed around with voltage pumps to make high voltage, made a bridge rectifier to create a DC power supply from a stepdown transformer I'd plug straight into the wall, an amplifier to drive a plasma arc lighter, so the arcs can play music when modulated by an audio signal (although I'm probably going to PWM it if I ever recreate it.) I also modified a guitar hero controller for high performance play. I have ambitious plans to build a very powerful Tesla coil, you know, to have in the dorm, and EMP everything around it accidentally.

New stuff

    Aside from that, I've since improved my Terraria WLD Parser, wrote a parser for SPIR-V assembly files to use in my game engine, and wrote a compiler for my own programming language, KAPPA. Again, updates for both of those will be rolling out soon. I'll also update the art page because I've drawn a few things since I last updated it.