My Childhood

    As a bored eight-year old with access to the internet in 2012, I found a lot of very cool things. I could watch random people play Minecraft instead of playing the game myself, I could see what that Obama guy my parents always talked about was up to, and I could spend countless hours playing flash games on various websites, such as Kongregate, Armor Games, and Newgrounds.

    One thing stood out from the rest though. On Kongregate, I found a flash game by the name of Epic Battle Fantasy 3. I immediately fell in love with this game when I first played it. The characters were lovable, the art style was cute, and the humor was a bit mature for me to understand back then.

    In 2013, I was now a nine-year old with access to the internet. I almost missed it, but I saw that there was now an Epic Battle Fantasy 4. The game was somehow even better than the first 3 games combined, and I had a blast playing it.

    Finally, in 2018, I was fourteen, and something made me remember about Epic Battle Fantasy, so I looked it up to see if there was anything new. Sure enough, there was a fifth game available. I got it as fast as possible, and the nostalgia hit me hard. However, I was a bit more inspired by this game than any of the previous ones. With a brewing interest in programming, I wanted to make something similar of my own.

    That brings us to 2020, when suddenly I have so much free time and no choice but to teach myself how to program in order to pass the time. I won't sweat the details of how I learned to program, but I eventually got the idea to make a game engine to host my game.

    With the fresh idea of making my own game, I also set out to make assets for it including music, characters, as well as a story to go with it. You can see some of those on my creations page.

    I named my game Crossight, and it will more or less operate similarly to Epic Battle Fantasy, but will also have some of my features thrown in as well as some inspiration from Fire Emblem, which also inspired me as a kid. It will have your stereotypical JRPG characters, like that one girl with the high magic stat, and the male hero protagionist. Sure, it's been overdone, but thats what rings the nostalgia for me.

Current State of Crosslight

    That's essentially what I have for the game so far. I haven't made a whole lot of visible progress on it, but trust me, I'm working on it! There will be plenty of updates here once I make notable progress. The refactor I made for my engine was made specifically to help me animate some 2D sprites. For now, this page mainly serves to reduce the times I have to say "my dream game" in other articles.

Last updated: Fri 12 November 2021